Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To Cut or Mousse?

F and I just had a hysterical conversation about Luke’s locks. You see, the front part (a.k.a. The Peacock) now enjoys resting in his eyes.

F asked me if I’d noticed how long Luke’s front hair had grown and noted that it now was regularly getting in his eyes. F decided we needed to cut it. I politely (or maybe hardily, I’ll never tell!) chuckled and said we cannot cut the hair of a six month old. Who ever heard of such a thing?! F hashed out which one of us should have the honor of making the first cut. He decided he should do the honors, proudly declaring he wanted to give the innocent lamb a bowl cut (In my mind I saw myself leaping -- bionic woman/Charlie angel style-- to prevent such an atrocity).

I jokingly suggested we use some mousse, after all a little hair product never hurt anything. My dearest husband’s response? “Well then we should use a silicone based mousse, we don’t want to clog his pores.”


Anonymous said...

Ha! With a girl, I've never had to made the haircut decision. Only whether to use barrets or bows. Which do you think I choose? :) Jenni

camille said...

Leave it to daddy, the dermatologist, to think of such a thing. I'm sure my office is wondering why I am laughing out loud. That is so funny!