Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

On Tissues

I’d blog and tell you
fancy stuff
awesome stuff
serious stuff
funny stuff
and something just a tad
interesting but I’m busy
playing human tissue to
two little boys.

They are wiping their
runny noses on me.
It has been on and off
for the last three weeks or so.
And I’m starting not to mind.

Send help.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grocery Shopping

I did my weekly
grocery shopping the
day before Thanksgiving.
With two children.
I love how crazy
it is right before

*photo credit: luke

*photo credit: luke

Second shelf down Snowville Creamery Milk.
You have to shake it before you pour,
the cream settles on top.
Plus old fashion grass fed cows.


Where are you going?

I see.

This happens every morning.
I just learned about it last week.
Is that my comb?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Early last week my dad called.
Would it be ok if he bought Luke & Nolan
a train table?
Yes, of course. What a nice Christmas gift.
He meant right now.
Before you could say zipbamboom
he was at my house on Friday
with a train table, train table accessory galore,
and John-David to help put it together.

Oh, and does a little three year old love it.

Bento Love

It is official.
I like to make my people Bento Lunches.
I’m going to need more supplies.

Fairs’ lunch today
serious & old fashioned ham and cheese sandwich, not pictured
this delightful bento box

left side:
cherry tomatoes
cracked pepper crackers
two thin harvest granola bars
yougurt coverd raisins
right side:
peeled & sliced orange
baby carrots
sugar snap peas

post-picture I added a seasonal
thanksgiving pick so my onetruelove
could enjoy his orange politely.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Six Years Ago

No one told the bride
she would be lifted up
and carried around.
They came from behind
without warning.
The groom.
I think he knew.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Kitchen Help, On the Small Side

Luke was true to his word.
Last Friday after his nap
he helped me with the lunch dishes.
Every last one of them.
Any idea how long
it takes a three year old to
help with the dishes?
A longlonglong time.

Don’t you think the
latex gloves
secured with purple asparagus bands
make it an authentic experience?


I reached down to hug
my Nolan this afternoon.
He was standing in his crib
with that sweet smile
only a good afternoon
nap delivers.
Our cheeks touched
and I lingered for a moment.
I thought one day we will
dance just like this,
cheek to cheek,
at your wedding.
Mildly dismayed,
I stepped back and
said no need to hurry.

Then I changed his diaper
and rescued him from
his unreasonable and dangerous
desire to climb and hurl himself at
hard and unforgiving objects
and all was right with the world again.

P.S. You should see this 10 month old boy
hurl himself in all sorts of risky directions.
Forget the idea of a wedding 70 years down the road,
let us just make it to one year somewhat safe and sound.

Friday, October 29, 2010

His Request

In the afternoon,
when we go our separate ways,
him to dreamland
me to mothering tasks,
Luke usually asks for
a garbage truck
(a real one he can ride on the back of)
or a fire truck
(a real one he can climb on)
or a tractor
(so he can pull heavy stuff).
This afternoon my
sick child
my newly three boy
requested I not do the dishes.
“Mama, please don’t do the dishes.
When I wake-up, after my nap,
I want to help do the dishes.”

He helped clear the table
and load the dishwasher
one evening this week.
And it is all he can think about now.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


tending to one sick boy
then another sick boy
(which equals two sick boys bytheway)
throwing away old tissues littered about
feeding children and myonetruelove
ignoring laundry
building train tracks
wiping a nose here and there
cuddling a sick child
refilling my coffee cup
playing fireman handyman sheetman
loving children and myonetruelove
these things have been trending in my head:
I want this bento box.
Imagine the possibilities.
I want, maybe need, these shoes.
Does that go against my no athletic shoes
unless doing something athletic policy?
Thank goodness I found this coffee creamer.

To be honest.
It is all a smoke screen.
Because what I’ve really been thinking
about is a
wait for it…
you aren’t going to believe it…

Send help now.
You know where I live.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Turkeys

Yesterday there were
more turkeys in our backyard.
Can you spy her?

A Moment Between Brothers


I’m always hungry for lunch
often lack inspiration.
But I’m trying.

Luke’s Lunch
puzzle grilled cheese
ambrosia apple slices

Faris' Lunch

normal manly ham, turkey, cheese sandwich
sans puzzle pieces and not pictured
bento box sides:
in-house hummus
pita chips
red grapes
yogurt covered raisins.

I’m loving this bento lunch idea.

My lunch?
I’d rather lick crumbs
from the floor than have to
make another person a meal.

A Ladder

A great spot for a chat.

Leaves & Crayons

Monday, October 18, 2010


This post will remain at the top of the page until the contest closes. Please scroll down for new posts.

This is my 600th blog post!
Shhh, I still don’t like to talk about having a blog.
To celebrate I’m going to give one gift each to two lucky readers!

Two gentle readers will win either my favorite scone mix or cake mix!

My favorite scone is King Arthur’s Very Berry Scone Mix.
My favorite chocolate cake is King Arthur’s Chocolate Indulgence Cake Mix.
They will rock your world.
Especially the Chocolate Indulgence Cake.
Oh my.

To enter:
Leave a comment telling me what your favorite morning or evening treat is!
One entry per person.
Two winning people will be selected at random.
No entries after 12 noon (EST), Monday, October 18th.
Winners will be announced Monday afternoon.

Disclaimer: King Arthur Flour has no idea who I am nor do they care, I’m sure. This give away is sponsored by me and winners will be chosen at random. Anything else relating to this give away is at my discretion.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bento, Baby

Bento lunchbox.
Do you Bento?

Luke’s Bento Lunch:
Pretzel Sticks
Peanut butter Sandwich, puzzle shaped
American Cheese Heart
Purple Grapes
Nutter Butters, a few

[ben-toh; Japn. ben-taw]
–noun, plural -tos; Japanese -to. Japanese Cookery .
a meal, usually served in a lacquered or elaborately decorated box that is divided into sections for holding individual portions of food.

Thursday, October 14, 2010