Sunday, March 28, 2010


Dearest Gentle Readers,
lest you think I was being dramatic
about saying I live in themiddleofnowhere
I have proof.
Saturday morning.
During breakfast.

Sunday morning.



Monday, March 22, 2010

A Talented Friend

I have a divine friend
who is gifted with many
talents that annoy her friends.
One talent that does not annoy
her friends is her camera talent.
She is master of her fancy camera
and understands all the fancy
camera language.
I snap away hoping for a good one.
I stand in awe of her photo skills.
I bow down to her super human
picture taking ability.

Look what she did to one of my pictures.
I love her for it.
I want her to teach me everything she knows.

My Piture

Rachel's Picture

Sick Days

I didn’t do my hair once last week.
Not once.
The old fashion flu and pneumonia in your left lung
will wreck havoc on a girls standards and rules.

I can say without a doubt the misery of sickness
rises to an entirely different level when you have small children.
Life doesn’t stop for children when the mom is sick.
There are no sick days in my job.

I called my dad Monday morning, around 7:30am,
and asked him if he could come over to help since I was sick.
He said sure thing. He could be there in 90 minutes.
Poor guy. He didn’t know what he had coming.
I’m sure I didn’t tell him how sick I really was
and I know I failed to tell him that Luke also had a fever
and was vomiting the night before.

He came every day last week, usually bringing sustenance with him.
My mom came on Monday afternoon and took Friday off of work.
It was that bad.
I was that bad.
It was so bad that one afternoon when my mom called to see how I was
I said I was better, my fever was only 101. She laughed out loud at me.

My sister-in-law came one afternoon during her lunch hour
to help we were so in need.

And my sweet mother-in-law.
I’m sorry.
We came to your house last weekend
and I parked myself in a bed thinking rest would
make me better and I brought you down with me.
She was sick all week because of me.

I’ll remember the special kindness and blessing
my family showed forever.
I’ll also remember that I’m a mom no matter what…

On my worst day I had a fever of 103.2.
For some reason I was out of bed on the couch
and in a sort of mild delirious state
Luke vomited all over the couch.
In an instant I scooped him up,
hollered at Faris,
took Luke to the bathroom
and began to clean him up.
When Faris was done cleaning he
came to relieve me and I promptly
sunk back to the depths of illness.

Always a mom,
no matter your personal circumstances.

Editor’s Note: Praise God that Nolan and Faris were untouched by our illness.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My little Luke and I have started calling
each other chinchilla.
Yesterday morning we were
snuggle wrestling when I
told my little chinchilla that
I was hungry. My little chinchilla
promptly lifted his shirt,
firmly told me to drink some of his milk,
and then somewhat gently thrust his chest at my head.
I about wet my pants from laughing so hard.

Monday, March 1, 2010


It’s 5:30am.
I’ve been up since 3:30am.
Now that my youngest is back asleep
I guess I’ll just start my day.
Morning coffee, NPR, and
six loads of laundry to fold.

It is my kind of glamorous.
I’m going to fetch
my wedding tiara right this moment.

A Dare

I dare you to read this.
Wonderfully good.
Add it to the mix of your
global and personal

Op-Ed Columnist
Learning From the Sin of Sodom
Published: February 28, 2010
A growing number of conservative Christians are acknowledging that to be “pro-life” must mean more than opposing abortion.