Monday, March 22, 2010

A Talented Friend

I have a divine friend
who is gifted with many
talents that annoy her friends.
One talent that does not annoy
her friends is her camera talent.
She is master of her fancy camera
and understands all the fancy
camera language.
I snap away hoping for a good one.
I stand in awe of her photo skills.
I bow down to her super human
picture taking ability.

Look what she did to one of my pictures.
I love her for it.
I want her to teach me everything she knows.

My Piture

Rachel's Picture


Papa Joe said...

Wow. I love the new picture. Great job.

rachelredington said...

You are too kind. Stop it. :)
I saw a quote today and thought of you. “I simply could not allow my professional credibility to be eradicated by leisure wear.”

rachelredington said...

What are the annoying talents?