Thursday, October 28, 2010


tending to one sick boy
then another sick boy
(which equals two sick boys bytheway)
throwing away old tissues littered about
feeding children and myonetruelove
ignoring laundry
building train tracks
wiping a nose here and there
cuddling a sick child
refilling my coffee cup
playing fireman handyman sheetman
loving children and myonetruelove
these things have been trending in my head:
I want this bento box.
Imagine the possibilities.
I want, maybe need, these shoes.
Does that go against my no athletic shoes
unless doing something athletic policy?
Thank goodness I found this coffee creamer.

To be honest.
It is all a smoke screen.
Because what I’ve really been thinking
about is a
wait for it…
you aren’t going to believe it…

Send help now.
You know where I live.


camille said...

just take a few deep breaths. everything will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Well said, dear friend of my daughter. Little Mom