Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bento Love

It is official.
I like to make my people Bento Lunches.
I’m going to need more supplies.

Fairs’ lunch today
serious & old fashioned ham and cheese sandwich, not pictured
this delightful bento box

left side:
cherry tomatoes
cracked pepper crackers
two thin harvest granola bars
yougurt coverd raisins
right side:
peeled & sliced orange
baby carrots
sugar snap peas

post-picture I added a seasonal
thanksgiving pick so my onetruelove
could enjoy his orange politely.

1 comment:

jenni pappas said...

Cool! I was actually just doing research on bento boxes and thought to get one for Elena! I ended up getting a Scooby Doo regular lunch box at Target. :)