Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Adventure #182593

What a fun weekend we are having!! It is full of new adventures and old comforts. Oh, you might have noticed that the peacock feature is still with us.

We visited Tata and Cedo’s house for lunch on Saturday. Uncle Nader cuddled with Luke during the precious post-nap moments.

We had New York friends for dinner!! EJ, Tracy, and Emma were in Baltimore for the weekend and were kind enough to swing by for dinner. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and conversation.

A few new and exciting things for Lukealicious:
1. He is now old enough to face the world in the Baby Bjorn. No more facing mommy and daddy and chest nuzzling.
2. The Pod Chair. A new love for the little guy.
There is still more weekend fun to be had, lunch and Lindy and Papa Joe’s house. I hope you all are having as much fun as we are having this weekend.

Love from the Chesapeake Bay to our family and friends near and far!

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