Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Shopping & A Toe

After meticulous study of NY Fashion Week, I was ready to take on Spring fashion. For Luke. Not moi. Luke needed a wardrobe shot in the arm for the upcoming season, what with this being his first Spring and official graduation to a bigger size (see below for more on this topic!). And since Linda (my mom) was on spring break we packed up and headed to a semi-local outlet mall.

Shop till you drop…or at least until your toe pokes out. Poor guy, his big toe poked out of this charming little blue number. Bigger clothes, I get it!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! It is great you got a picture of that one! Hope you had a successful shopping trip. Jenni

camille said...

There's a Kate Spade outlet at this mall?? (I saw your mom's bag.) When can we go? I hope you got some great loot.

rachelredington said...

Clearly Luke was in need of some Kate Spade accessories. What's a poor boy to do without a great spring handbag?