Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yada Yada

a caretaker of a 5 month old
should never be without
morning coffee.
a daily elixir.
we trekked to Annapolis
to run a few errands
of course
i go to the only
shopping center
without a starbucks.
who knew that was possible?!

pit stop on the way home.
whole foods for the elixir, er,
i mean coffee.
yes, even organic coffee.
somehow i managed to
get the other items on my list too.

today i began to procure certain items
for a certain easter basket.
i think the bunny will
drop off toothsome chocolates
for a certain caretaker.

afternoon playtime
leads to
afternoon nap.
for the child
not the caretaker.

many things to do

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