Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I’ve always wanted to be a super hero.
Or at least one of Charlie’s Angels.
(If that wasn’t going to work out then an ESPN Sports Center anchor.)
I made a cake from scratch this afternoon. Yep, SCRATCH! A ginger chocolate pound cake. Shazam! I’ll report back on its tastiness tomorrow.

A super hero in the kitchen would strike a pose similar to this.
I’m sure of it.


camille said...

I'm absolutely positive that is exactly the pose the superhero would make in the kitchen. I love your blog!! xo--acm

camille said...

I especially love the look Luke is giving the superhero while she is striking her pose.
I also love your hair!

Anonymous said...

I love Luke's hair.

In the 3rd pix, Luke must be wondering: is that dough organic or does she think I can take all that?