Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Voyage Home

Luke and I had great trip to Memphis and Mississippi.
It was sweet to see old friends and dear family and friends.
We certainly don’t get to see them enough.
Our return flight was carefully selected so that we could have lunch in Memphis, board the afternoon flight home where Luke would promptly pass out for his afternoon nap.
One part of that plan was thwarted.
On our two hour drive to Memphis from Mississippi Luke quickly fell asleep for the entire ride.
Thank goodness the flight home is just under two hours.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch.
Three cheers for hashbrown casserole!

When I checked in I asked for the bulk head row in the front
and was silently accommodated by the not so friendly airline person.
How much did I l-o-v-e that I got the aisle seat and that the seat next to us was empty?
It was a blessing for sure.
For me at least.
Not so much for the stodgy Englishman sitting in the window seat.
Luke kindly and softly greeted him with several hellos which were generally ignored except for the occasional confused glance from the stodgy Englishman with faux Prada black rimmed glasses.

Enjoying his very own seat.

I have to share what was our worst behavior on the plane.
We were in the row behind first class, with direct access to the curtain separating steerage and first class.
Several times, before I was able to stop him, Luke would pull back the curtain and screamed at the top of his lungs, “HI PEOPLE!”

I really did try to stop him.
But he is quick.
And I had to control my laughter.
And at least he wasn’t screaming bloody murder.

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