Friday, June 26, 2009


Luke and I had a quick stay in Memphis last week.
We visited my dear friends Jenni and Camille.
Our first stop was Camille’s absolutely positively charming home.

Then we headed to our more permanent accommodations at Jenni’s house.
Our accommodations came with a built-in playmate, Elena!
Do you see the painting on the wall?
Jenni’s sister Megan painted it and I am obsessed with it.
Have been for years.

Watching Batman

For dinner on Saturday night Camille and Jenni had a Saladpalooza!
Lots of fun and I think you should do it for a summer dinner with your girlfriends too.
One of Camille’s salads required a watermelon.
Camille cut her watermelon and was surprised to find it was a yellow watermelon.
Did you even know they came in yellow?!
It was good. Tasted like watermelon.

Elena feeding Luke yellow watermelon.


Sunday morning we went out for a wonderful breakfast.
Seriously, a wonderful breakfast.
I talked about it for hours afterwards and thought about it for days.

Confidential to my Memphis Friends: Camille, Luke has asked for you twice since we got back. Jenni, Luke likes to whisper your last name to me.


Jenni Pappas said...

Great pictures! We sure enjoyed your visit!!!! Sorry that between loving on Luke (which the pictures portray), Elena also tormented him! He sure is adorable!

camille said...

As always, it was wonderful to see you and Luke. and we will definitely have another Saladpalooza again soon!