Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Marine Museum Visit

There was an intense thunderstorm this morning.
Lovely to watch over the Chesapeake Bay in our pajamas. We enjoyed listening to the rain, watching the lightning, and gasping at the rolls of thunder.
Not so lovely when you think about staying inside with a 20 month old.
I decided Luke and I would venture to a marine museum in our county.
I wasn’t expecting much. Just a nice outing on a rainy day.
I didn’t pay much heed one of my neighbors glowing recommendations.
I was wrong wrong wrong.
It was AWSOME.

Maritime history, estuarine biology and paleontology.
Aquariums full of fish, crabs, jelly fish, and oysters.
Tanks of fish, turtles and horseshoe crabs you can touch.
(Luke loved touching them!)
Otters and a marsh walk.
A boat basin and a shed with smaller water crafts.
Oh, and there is even a sandpit thingy kids can dig around in and find sharks teeth to take home.

And because I live inthemiddleofnowhere and it was a Tuesday morning there was hardly anyone there.
I cannot wait to take Faris.

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Anonymous said...

It is great isn't it!!! We go nearly every time there is a rainy day in Lusby. Did you see the otters outside? We will have to meet there next time.