Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heart in the Kitchen

During this season of life I feel like a short order cook.
But really I have the heart of a baker.
I don’t pretend to have time to bake.
And I wouldn’t dare to bake while Luke is napping in our cozy two bedroom apartment…a baked good is not worth rousing a napping child.

Don’t have time to bake either?
Oh, not a good baker?
Don’t worry.
All is not lost because of King Arthur Flour.
King Arthur Flour doesn’t just supply flour.
They have a baker’s catalogue and website.

My current favorite is the traditional scone mixes.
You can even buy organic scone mixes.
The lemon blueberry scones are fabulous.
I can’t wait to try Cranberry Orange and Chocolate Chunk.
I’m currently coveting the mini-scone pan.

And I think the maryann cake pan needs a home on my shelf.
Wouldn’t you think I was fancy if you came over and I gave you a slice of honey lemon cake with blueberries on top?

Go forth and bake.
Oh, and you are welcome.

P.S. I do not receive anything from anybody for telling you about the goodness of King Arthur Flour. Well, except maybe your good will when you enjoy your own scones.

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