Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Warp Speed

I feel like I’m
moving at warp speed
but not really.
But really.

Monday after the storm.

See the boat out on the water?
See the little dots floating on the water?
They are crab pots
sort of like my very own
Deadliest Catch
in my backyard.

Today was a perfect day for a walk.
We admired this creature on our walk.

Self Portrait

Thai chicken and noodle salad.

A little salty
because my garlic was moldy
so I improvised with garlic salt.
Not a bad summer meal.
My onetruelove said
he felt like he was in a
a Thai restaurant
New York City.

Right, babe.
And I know you were
sorry as soon as you said it.


Anonymous said...

Send me the recipe for the Chicken and Noodle salad. It looks good. Luke is beautiful. Love Aunt Genia

rachelredington said...

The self portrait rocks.