Thursday, June 5, 2008


I have a lot of personal policies.
And morphing to a stay at home mom
In the icky suburbs
Brought a lot of new
Personal policies.
One of my personal policies:
No ponytail until 4pm.
I violated the policy today.
I thought I would try
A ponytail for the day
Cutely secured at the nape of my neck
With a tasteful black elastic band.
And of course my outfit and footwear
Balanced the ponytail.
(perhaps I should tell you why I don’t do a ponytail? I don’t do a ponytail because for me it is an easy baby step down the sweat pants and a minivan road. Or simply put, a ponytail before 4pm makes me feel sloppy.)
So la la la
Luke and I are going about our business
He spots my ponytail.
And of course he clutched
My gathered hair in his cute little hand.
And you think he pulled, right?
No he did not.
He just held on.
Like you would hold
The mane of a horse you were ridding.
And he did that almost every time I picked him up.
I’d like to amend my
Ponytail policy.
New Policy: In an effort to refrain from feeling sloppy and to struggle with all my might to avoid the suburban black hole of bad hair and footwear, no ponytail before 4pm. And while I might be a workhorse (aren’t all mommies, really?), I shall not be made to feel like one.


Anonymous said...


First of all, I'm being VERY serious. I think you could begin putting your blog writings about being a mom and the other changes you have experienced (icky suburbs, middleofnowhere)into a book. You are a wonderful, sincere, and passionate writer. And on top of all that, you are so humorous. You already have a wonderful start. Send it to a publisher!!!

Love ya,
Aunt Diane

mercy said...

dear cameeeely!!!
i totally agree with your aunt diane...your musings would most definitely make for a great book. easy and entertaining to read...lots of moms would love it. i miss you! and feel jipped that we arent getting any luketime.