Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Adventure # 1503628

Our weekend started with breakfast on the Chesapeake Bay.
Not bad.

And it ended with a bayside dinner.
In-between meals we attend our first wedding as a family and somehow I managed no pictures. On our Saturday afternoon stroll we came upon a boardwalk festival with music and festival stuff.
People were playing in the sand and a few crazy kids were even frolicking in the water (which had to be mighty c o l d).
On Sunday Luke and I traveled to Annapolis for an afternoon party. Our hostess was the daughter of one of the WINGS (Women In Need of Going Somewhere). We are shy on WING in this photo.

(A note to readers: my mom is one of the founding members of WINGS, ladies who taught/teach school together who are now adventurous dear friends.)

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Jenni said...

That's neat. I remember one of those ladies from your bridesmaid luncheon.