Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two Kinds of Storms

Thursday night: Little Luke not feeling well.
Intense weather as we slept.
Friday morning: 103 degree temperature.
Our first baby sickness.
(F is super handy in situations like this)
I’m out the door in the rain
For the open cattle call at our pediatricians office.
(cattle call= patients can come without appt to see a doctor one hour prior to office opening, created for situations just like ours.)
I notice the rain is coming down fast & hard
Quick flip of the radio
Reveals we are under a tornado watch.
It is about now that I realize my footwear--
Cute strappy wedge heels…
In the pouring down rain at
7 something in the morning.
I’m amused because
Even my subconscious is
Fighting the suburban ugly footwear pandemic.
Luke has his first virus.
How great that he made it through the winter
Sans sickness!!!
The sun came out this afternoon
Luke is on the mend.

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