Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I spied Luke staring at kids shoes in nursery so of course that means he wants shoes, right?

Yesterday we went to Nordstrom for our first Luke shoe shopping and it was so super amazing fun. We measured his little foot on the foot measurer thingy. That alone was worth the entire trip in the rain.

Another woman with a little boy kept telling me about the shoes she got for her son and blah blah blah. Shhhh, woman I don’t know, I’m doing MY OWN shoe shopping and don’t care about what you did but thanks for the advice/commentary I did not ask for. Not. Really, she talked for a long long long time.

We came home with one pair casual and one pair fancy:


I’m going to order these for kicks.
They look like summer casual fun.
Remind me of Jack Tripper from Three’s Company.

(Should that be a red flag?)

We need these too.

Confession: I tried super hard not to stroll by the girl shoes which from afar looked so much more, um, playful and fun.

P.S. When I asked Faris how many pairs of shoes he thought Luke should have he said two. Of course, this was after I explained in great detail why Luke needed shoes. I was thinking four but I guess two is a good and reasonable start. Does anyone else see trouble on the horizon?

P.P.S. I’m probably going to put his feet in shoes almost never, bare feet are so much more fun. But at least I’ll have the option of shoes.


rachelredington said...

It's such a good thing that you don't have a girl. When Gibson had a closet full of (beyond adorable) shoes before her first birthday, Eric, ever so logical, pointed out that people who don't walk don't need shoes. He just doesn't understand.

Anonymous said...


ALL the shoes on your blog are precious. Luke will look so darling in them.

Aunt Diane

Anonymous said...

Camille try Luke in a pair of crocks. Hayden loves them and he is wearing a 10 & 1/2 wide and he is just 2 & 1/2 and he can also put them on hisself.