Tuesday, May 27, 2008

About That Strawberry Pie...

It was so g o o d that I made my own strawberry pie yesterday.
I shall NOT confess how long I poured over fresh strawberry pie recipes.
Here it is.
All from scratch except the pie crust (I have a tiny human to care for, remember!).
It was ok.
Definitely NOT Bird in Hand material.
Of course I got local strawberries.
Because you know the modern grocery store
has ruined, yes, ruined(!)
the strawberry and tomato.
Do you even remember what a real strawberry or tomato taste like?
I called the bakery today in hopes of acquiring the recipe.
I got the machine.
I will try again tomorrow.
Do you think they will hand over the recipe?

1 comment:

camille said...

I think I will try to make a strawberry pie this summer. or maybe a blueberry one!! Camille, which recipe did you try so I know to try another and we can compare!