Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Elena

Word on the street is that today was your first day of school. Congratulations!! You look prepared with your stylish pink backpack and your fashion forward green dress. I bet you have everything just so in that pink backpack. If your student habits take after your mother I bet you were super well behaved and polite. And of course you secretly had the whole class in stitches with your hilarious shenanigans!


Camille said...

Can you believe how fast she is growing? And she definitely has her mother's flair for the dramatic!

Jenni said...

I feel honored that you put E on your blog!! She had a great time at school. I had a great time shopping alone while she was at school!

Anonymous said...

Elena is so beautiful and I've enjoyed seeing her picture that I've forgotten to post a comment. PapaJoe