Friday, August 29, 2008

Market Rain

Heavy rain at Friday Farmer’s Market time
Faris joined us tonight so
he stayed in the car with Luke while I made the rounds.

Our farmers were happy to be out in the much needed rain.
Last week Faris said I didn't get enough fruit.

My Prize This Week:
16 Peaches
6 Nectarines
8 Plums
8 Asian Pears
4 Eggplants
3 pints cherry tomatoes
2 boxes tomatoes (for my week of BLTpalozza)
4 scones
1 loaf of bread
1 bunch of flowers


camille said...

You are such the dedicated farmer's market patron! and your purchases sound delicious! I had a BLTPalooza earlier this summer as well. Try it with sliced avocado and a chipotle mayo. It's delicious. Call me, i'll give you the mayo recipe. It's VERY easy.

camille said...

AND, Faris could moonlight as a private eye with those pictures! :-)