Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School, Sort Of

We visited Lindy in her classroom today.
School starts next week and
Lindy was busy getting her classroom ready.

classroom photo credit, Asst. Principal Melissa

I was a little howshouldisaythis
taken aback/stunned/amazed/embarrassed
at how many of her colleagues look at the blog.
Really, people, I pretend you don’t read this
silly blog
but amgrateful that you do.

We also had a scrumptious lunch at a greek place.
My mom went on and ON and ON and ON
about how good the grilled chicken salad was.
It totally lived up to the hype.


Anonymous said...

Having his first day at school in Lindy's class is appropriate. She would be an awesome teacher for him. Luke is so very cute.Enjoy him because he will be grown before you know it. Love you,
Great Aunt Chris

Anonymous said...

I talked to Lindy today and she told me Luke came to visit her at school. She was so excited about ya'll's visit. If Farris wants to talk to someone that has had back problems, have him give Shorty a call. Love you Aunt Genia

Melissa said...

I loved seeing Luke in person and in action! How amazing you are as a mother, too, right there with him encouraging him, playing with him, loving on him! He is one lucky kid.

Thanks for letting me play-

Anonymous said...

Ok, I want to know did mommy cry and I what grade did Luke baby received his first day?
Uncle Michael