Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happenings #615284

Thursday brought us special visitors.
Luke climbed the stairs at Tata and Cedo’s house
with able assistance from Dylan and Uncle Nader
(Little Luke can take the staircase all by himself but needs the just in case you decide to sit down or turn around support!)

And there was some fishing from our pier…
…just an hour or two before storm knocked out power for hours!

A lovely woman upstairs is an excellent cake decorator
And she graciously shared her talent with a few women in our building.
My organic lemon cake with half blueberry and half strawberry filling.

Iced to resemble a drum.
Not bad for my first time.
(I forgot the pretzle sticks for the drum sticks)

Here are two things I learned: a toothpick is a cake decorator’s best tool and my SaSa is a cake decorating SUPER mastermind (I’m specifically remembering a R2D2 cake for John-David.

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