Sunday, August 24, 2008

I May Call On You, Tidy Up Your Home

A few weeks ago I made a mommy friend
didn’t have a sleek way to convey my
email at the time of departure.
I reluctantly scribbled something
on the back of one of Faris’ business cards,
irked I no longer had fancy business cards
of my very own.
No longer.
I have calling cards!!
Which make me feel like
a woman in society
in a Jane Austen novel
in the social mecca town of Bath.
I got mine on Etsy.
Lots and lots to choose from.

P.S. I dug out my business card holder and dropped it in my purse, not diaper bag!

1 comment:

rachelredington said...

You've inspired me! I'm going to make some tomorrow. So tired of my digits on a gum wrapper.