Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Not only did I enjoy fellowship with other mothers at Wednesday morning bible study BUT I also enjoyed an afternoon with Carmen and Evelyn. It was a superduperfantasticwonderful day. I’m not used to so much interaction with adults! LOTS and lots of adult conversation. Bible study (Proverbs 31) was rich (and deep, soul stirring, convicting and motivating) and my head is still spinning as I consider my task of woman/wife/mother.

Luke and Evelyn, sure to be great friends.

I’m sure you have heard that the Pope is in Washington, DC and there is lots of local conversation about road closings and such. The news keeps talking about the Popemobile. Am I the only person who thinks it is ridiculous to call the vehicle the Pope is transported in the popemobile? Are we in first grade? Can a news reporter think their reporting is serious if they utter the word popemobile? Come on.
That is it.
I’ve decided.
My auto has a new name.
The Camillemobile.
Why would I call my Ferrari a Ferrari when I can call it The Camillemobile?!

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Jenni said...

Too cute! Playgroups are a must for the kids AND the mamas!!!