Monday, April 21, 2008

Fried Food = Peace

I happened to catch a middle of the day rerun of King of the Hill and heard one of the more insightful comments of all time from the character Bill: “If everybody fried their food we would have peace.”

I tend to think he might be right.

Speaking of food…
So we have been doing organic food for a little more than two months I think. I’ve found it manageable for our small family of three and am really enjoying eating seasonally. BUT there are a few items that I cannot find organic versions of that I refuse to swear off (I promised my mom I would not be a super freak about organic food…I’m thinking she is remembering my intense 13 or so years as a vegetarian): Coffeemate Hazelnut Cream, Cream of Mushroom soup (my mom is Southern after all) and Orange Juice (we cannot find a with pulp calcium version).

Oh, and F brought me presents tonight. Flowers and Nutella. Joyfully accepted the flora. With trepidation I received the Nutella. Lovely husband smiled and said it could be an exercise of self control.


I do have something more worthwhile to share. Our pastor is preaching a few sermons on gender and two Sundays ago the sermon was on marriage. It was nice to be reminded/encouraged/convicted. You can listen here.

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