Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Adventure #684204

I am really starting to believe that motherhood redefines every aspect of a woman’s life. In my past life weekends meant a break from the daily grudge of the 9-5 job. In my new life, there is no break from my job so weekends have a new meaning.

week-end : more time with my onetruelove. Pronunciation: \ˈwēk-ˌend\ Function: cozy joy

Our weekend was lovely, especially our Saturday night dinner at Brian and Kelly’s home. Dinner was delicious (Brian, we are still talking about your outofthisworld grilling) and conversation was a pleasure.

Luke and Caleb greeted each other in typical small people way. I’m pretty sure they explored one another’s noses with their fingers.

Sunday Morning: Breakfast in Bed for Daddy

Who later decided to share his oranges…

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