Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sleeping With the Fishes

My dad can build things. When I was little he built me a cool go-cart (I painted it orange and my parents still have it…Luke, you don’t know what fun you are in for, sweet baby!) My brother and I built birdhouses. And we even built tool boxes. The summer I married my onetruelove, my dad built a screen porch for my mom and a big shed that really looks like a mini-house to store his stuff. And that is just a sampling. The man can build.

I asked my father if he would build a mobile for Luke and presto, there is now a mobile above the crib!! As if there were any doubt that my father could do it.

Yesterday afternoon in pictures:

Luke now sleeps with the fishes.

Thanks, Dad. You made the perfect mobile, just as requested.


Anonymous said...

What a nice list of Dad's acccomplishments.....but don't forget the sandbox/stage!

Anonymous said...

I meant to sign my name to the comment about the sandbox! Little Mom

Jenni said...

Could your Dad come down and build a screened-in porch for me? :)