Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time Allotment

Leaving the house.
How much time do you allot?

At the moment I allot at least 20 minutes.
We live in an apartment building so we
travel down a hallway,
travel down an elevator,
out double doors,
walk to our car.
At 22 month old pace.
Luke politely greets
every person
he spots with a cheery good morning.
Usually by name.
He says hello to at least four cars he knows the drivers of.
Think “Hi Paul’s car!”
Oh, and we are almost always
something or other to the car.
Today Luke brought his lawn mower to the car.
He also had to have a necklace because I had one.

Last week Luke brought Faris’ belt, a bag, and another item I’ve forgotten to the car.
Seriously, it takes at least 20 minutes to get to the car these days.
Last week I went somewhere without Luke and was 20 minutes early.

Oh, and he wore the necklace until we went to the pool late this afternoon.

1 comment:

Papa Joe said...

How realistic his toy lawnmower looks.