Monday, July 27, 2009


Public Service Announcement: If a person regularly makes you dinner and they are simultaneously in charge of a child/children under the age of 5, hug them and lavish them with thanks. It isn’t easy. Really, it isn’t. You have to cook, try not to burn the meal, avoid fires, remember to add all the ingredients, and get it all on the table at the same time. All while ensuring small humans do not crack their heads open, impale themselves with whatnots, or cut off a limb/finger/toe. Like I said, not easy people.

Not that ANY of those things happened to me or came close to happening to me tonight.

Back to the basil…
Don’t you love a good bowl of pasta
dripping with pesto in the summer?
Me too.
It’s a summer pleasure.
But I’ve never made a good pesto.
Until tonight.
Usually my pesto is
laced with raw garlic flavor
or gritty
or oily
or something not right.
Tonight it was perfect.
Thanks, Ina.
Any reader will know that my
kitchen would be nothing without you.
Ina’s secret to pesto?
Find the Barefoot Contessa’s pesto here.
It makes a lot, be prepared to frezze it.

My five cups of basil.

My pesto

Sadly no picture of the pasta with pesto because in the hoopla of Faris coming home and getting the rest of the meal on the table my pesto sort of turned brown. Like apples do. Still tasted amazing but didn’t look so pretty.

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Lynn said...

mmm...I LOVE homemade pesto. Now, speaking of basil, how about that soup recipe.... ;o)