Friday, July 10, 2009

Market Night

I’ve never seen our Friday Night Farmer’s Market so packed.
It was crazy wonderful.
And our market went high class, there was a fancy wine tasting tonight.

I love buying lettuce from the lettuce man.
I especially like talking to him about the different leafy greens on the table.
I am learning a tiny bit.

The flower people.
I’m so glad you are back in full force.

And the local farm where I will get all our corn and peaches…so nice.
(And when I say local, I mean the next town over. I drive thru it to get to our home.)

My favorite conversation of the night?
I bought some zucchini from another local farm and mentioned that I always see cows when I drive by their farm. I asked if people could buy part of their cows and she said they are going to start doing that this Fall. I’ll need a house with an extra freezer before that endeavor can become a reality but now at least I know a local place.

The Tally
3 bags of peaches
1 dozen ears of corn
3 boxes of plums
1 small box of blueberries
2 boxes of cherry tomatoes
1 box of zucchini
2 cucumbers
2 kinds of lettuce
1 large flower bouquet

Summer inthemiddleofnowhere is so much better with stuff like this.

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Lynn said...

That is a lovely bunch of produce! Why has it taken you this long to tell us about your blog?!? I will be a regular visitor now.