Monday, July 13, 2009

Internal Debate

sunday morning.
before we left for church.
i was in the kitchen making breakfast.
the microwave was microwaving.
the air conditioning was cooling.
the washer was washing.
the dryer was drying.
oh, and i had just finished blow drying my hair.

while all this was going on i was secretly thinking
how great it would be if we still lived in new york city.
our two bedroom, two bathroom apartment would be dreamy by many manhattan standards.
i started to plot strategies for our triumphant return.
then the microwave dinged.
and I realized that in new york it would be unlikely that we could have the air conditioner, microwave and washer and dryer going at the same time.
a fuse would surely blow.
for a spilt second I was thankful for my central air conditioning.

the next moment i started an internal debate: would giving up central air conditioning be worth moving back to the city.

you know what the answer to that question is.
i don’t even need to tell you.

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