Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Plastic Car Shop?

Lindy and Papa Joe just had to get him his very own when he fell in love with their neighbors.
They decided to get the one that looks like a fire truck.
I was with Lindy when it was purchased and helped her attempt to put it together.
I quit after a ridiculous amount of time trying to attach the roof.
Is there a place you can take kids plastic cars to be assembled?
This was a m o n s t e r.
I’m convinced it is defective.
It should snap together with a minor hint of oomph.
So Luke enjoyed it convertible style.

P.S. I’m thinking it should stay roofless…just like Lindy’s real car.

1 comment:

camille said...

i'm thinking you M U S T put the top on that car ASAP! Did it come with a fire engine siren?