Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I got a flat tire today.
It happened while I was driving on a parkway
with no shoulders.
And that is about the worst of my story.

In His loving kindness, God provided everything for Luke and me.
Specifically He provided:
A warm 70 degree day in February to get a flat tire
An uncharacteristic snack right before we left bible study this morning
(did I mention our flat occurred during lunch time on the East Coast?)
A fully charged cell phone
A husband who provided his family with AAA membership
An efficient AAA woman on the other end of the phone
(who asked me twice if my child was locked inside the car)
A AAA policy that made me a priority because I had a 16 month old with me
A kind and super capable tire changer man
Time from pulling over with a flat to being back on the road with a spare: about 1.5 hours
An auto shop that just happened to have a man at the warehouse that afternoon who was able to pick up a new tire for us
Safety on the side of the road (no thanks to the police man who drove by me)
And a sweet child who endured it all well

Offending Tire

The hole in the tire was as big as Faris’ pinky finger.
The first mechanic said “whoa” and called another guy over to look at it.

Our tire changer man had us sit in his car while we waited for him to be done.
Sitting in his car was a much better option than standing on the side of a parkway but…wasn’t that fun to sit in a stranger’s car and try and not have my sweet, tired, hungry kid touch and pull everything!

P.S. I am wondering about the AAA woman who asked me twice if my child was locked inside the car. Does she get calls for that a lot? If my child is actually locked inside the car I’m breaking a window and not calling AAA to wait for somebody to track me down and jimmy the lock.

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Jenni Pappas said...

Glad everything turned out okay. I bet that was pretty scary!