Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Museum, Take 2

We ventured back to the Museum of Natural History this morning.
It was an awesome visit,
starting with our parking space in front of the museum.
The key is to arrive as soon as the doors open.
We practically had the museum to ourselves for the first 45 minutes!
It didn’t hurt that Papa Joe met us at the museum either!

We were the first people to visit the live butterfly exhibit.
It is an extraordinary exhibit—a contained pod like thingy you walk through with flowers and plants and butterflies gracefully flying about.

The insect zoo is a must of course.

A quick zip through the special orchid exhibit.

A swim through the ocean exhibit.

Lunch at Baja Fresh.

I’m just now noticing that I’m not in any of these pictures.
Proof that I was with them must be on my dad’s camera.

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