Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Parked in Russia Last Week

I’m sifting through the stuff I accumulated last week
and a little card gave me a chuckle.
I might have failed to mention that
the trip to the museum was a
people and car madhouse.
I had to park in the Ronald Regan Building
and when I got to the parking garage elevator
I nabbed a parking space location card.
(think business card but with your parking location information on it.)
The front (I guess) says:
Remember Your Car and Elevator Location
Parking Level
The flip side (the back) says:
Complimentary Services
Battery Starts
Tire Changes
Tire Inflation
Escort Service
Lost Vehicle Assistance

Can you now imagine the enormity of the underground parking at the Ronald Regan Building?
So big they give you a card to remember your elevator and level?
So big they name an area Russia (because that is what it seemed like minus the cold!).
So big they offer Lost Vehicle Assistance which must be used 349 times an hour.

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