Monday, January 26, 2009

Cold Day = Warm Winter Dinner?

Update: I would say a mediocre dinner. Short ribs were delicious. Sauce was grape juicy.

It’s cold outside.
Flurries have taunted us with hopes of snow.
Cold days just like this one call for a special warm winter meal.
I’ve got braised beef short ribs cooking in the oven.
But I’m skeptical.
1. I’ve never cooked with short ribs before.
(thank you to the Whole Foods butcher who made them boneless and trimmed the fat for me!)
2. Recipe called for 6 garlic cloves. It didn’t say to mince, crush, or chop. I’m thinking it was accidently omitted.
3. I used grape juice instead of wine, I don’t like meat cooked in wine.

So we will see.


rachelredington said...

Wine is key! You need to try it again. Grape juice is NOT an appropriate substitute, missy. Something about wine is also tenderizing. Pretty sure grape juice isn't.

It was great to talk to you today! xoxo

camille said...

Rachel is right! grape juice has so much sugar. of course, if you didn't want to use wine, you could use beef broth, but the wine adds so much depth to a dish. the recipe does sound like a good one, though. love, c