Thursday, January 1, 2009

Can You Guess It?

There are two games that I like to play:
Cranium and Scene It.
Tonight Roula and I battled Nader and Carolyn in Cranium.
(Until I had to depart to put Luke to bed for the night!)
I’m good at the clues you have to act out.
And bad at most of the rest.
I’m a fair to good guesser.
This picture is a clue that Roula drew.
The hint is a thing.
Can you guess it?
I did.
Scroll down to see the answer.

Answer: Campfire
Now you want me on your Cranium Team, don’t you?

Roula is a w s o m e at the molding things out of clay tasks.
You should have seen her sculpt a cubicle.
I totally guessed it too.


camille said...

I TOTALLY guessed a bonfire, which is super duper close to campfire. We need to be on a team!

Christy Chattleton said...

I would want you on my Cranium team any day! Dave and I miss you guys so much - Luke has gotten so big!! We love you!
- Christy