Sunday, December 21, 2008


We have done away with television in our home.
Faris says we have unplugged from the Matrix.
And I guess he is kind of right.
It’s liberating and I love it.
At first I said after the election we would get rid of the television.
But I was having fun watching news about Obama’s transition.
So I said after the Inauguration.
But I couldn’t stand the TV one moment longer
so I’ve banished it for one year.
And let’s be honest, our TV isn’t something fancy.

Don’t panic, sweet reader.
I have a plan.
My onetruelove and I will watch movies on a laptop.
(can’t you just see the cuddling?!!)
My favorite show, The Office, can be watched online.
We have an XM Radio account that allows for listening to news and other such programs online.
The disappointing show for me is Masterpiece Theater Classics. I’ll have to wait until they are on DVD.
Trust me…
I don’t need to know who the biggest loser is or who the top chef is.
I don’t need a show about real housewives, I am one.
I don’t need an American Idol who sings or dances.
I’ve got a fine View out my window.
If I’m not smarter than a fifth grader then I don’t want to know.
Martha Stewart has a magazine and the Barefoot Contessa has cookbooks.

P.S. Of course we cancelled our cable which of course they messed up and we lost internet too. So yesterday until after 12 noon today we were practically cave men.
P.P.S. Anybody having an Inauguration Party? We need a place to watch?
P.P.P.S. Faris didn’t like not being able to watch the Redskins today; thank goodness it is the end of the season.


Papa Joe said...

Tell Faris it was a wonderful Redskins victory and I'm glad JD, Lindy, and I were able to watch the 'skins beat those Eagles.

rachelredington said...

You made no mention of the new Bachelor season. Camille, what are you thinking???