Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thursday Encounter

As you probably know, Thursday is my grocery shopping day.
And you just absolutely have to know the funny encounter I had.
Luke and I are going about our business which involves me chatting him up about the produce or the peanut butter or whatever item they are irritatingly out of stock of which at this moment in our shopping was the Luke loving chicken apple gouda sausage.
Enter strange man with a hat.
Who launches into a monologue about how great it is that I’m talking to Luke during our shopping. Explaining to me that what I’m doing is educating him, right there in the grocery store. AND then the man proudly tells me that his own children didn’t even read until they were 10 years old.
I laughed out loud at him…
waiting for the punch line…
but he was being dead serious.
He told me it was the 70’s, the great experiment.
I said oh.
He said his daughter makes as much money as the people she lives around but that she is $250,000 richer because she didn’t go to college.
I said I needed to find the butcher and shuffled away.
It’s all about perspective I guess.

P.S. I forgot my grocery list on the printer and like a superhero remember every single item on my list. How is that for downrightawsome?!

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Jenni Pappas said...

Very odd encounter. I don't think I understand.