Sunday, February 24, 2008

Solid Pea

Today was our first venture in the world of solid foods and it went smashingly. I was prepared for the worst: active resistance from my troop. Not so, not so at all. With joy little Luke opened wide and tried to hold the spoon. Luke’s personal chef, me, made organic sweet peas. I’m proud to report that there was only minor spitting back out (I like to think it is because it tasted so good).
As I think about Luke entering the world of solid food I realize he doesn’t know the wonderful things that await him. What fun it will be to be a part of this journey. I wonder if they make organic Nutella.


Anonymous said...

The bowl is as big as his head! Good job Luke!

Anonymous said...

The above comment is from Jenni :)

Papajoe said...

Thank you for all the pictures and commentary. I was able to get my Luke "fix" while in San Diego this past week and the blog enabled me go another day. :-))

The pictures are great BTW.