Wednesday, February 13, 2008


There is jubilation in our house today! Luke’s crib’s maiden voyage is tonight!! Yes, Luke is about four and a half months old. And yes, his crib is finally ready for flight. Joy!! One of our packages today was the organic crib mattress which completes the crib assembly adventure. I’ve been slow getting his nursery ready, bad mommy.
Wondering what the poor child has been sleeping in? His bassinet until Sunday night. Sunday morning Luke rolled over and so we moved him to the Pack and Play.

Consideration: Why didn’t anybody tell me what a pain making up the crib would be? Have YOU tried getting on a crib sheet while trying to keep the crib skirt in place? All while navigating the four walls of a crib. Am I going to have to remove the crib bumper each and every time?


Anonymous said...

I think you do have to remove the crib bumper. One hint is to take the mattress all the way out, stand it on its side and then stretch the sheet over it. Funny I know this since my kid does not sleep in her crib! I'm having too much fun commenting on your blog! Jenni

sdcivic said...

Welcome to the world of being a Mommy. Keep lots of waterproof pads on hand so the sheet doesn't get wet every time. You are not a bad Mommy. Most cribs aren't put together for months.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that if you take the mattress out, it makes it easier to not mess up the skirt when you drop it back in. I'm getting off my computer now!!! E is just taking an extra long nap this afternoon, and I'm bored!!!! Jenni