Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon

Lots to do.
Laundry to fold, of course.
Calendar maintenance,
maintaining the calendar for a family
is serious business.
Sorting thru stuff that won’t stop
coming in the house.
How do you stop stuff?
I must clean ketchup off the sole of
Nolan’s left shoe.
And I need to find that list I made
of all the stuff I need to do.
But really I just want to snuggle
with a napping child and enjoy
this moment in our lives.
This morning Luke stopped what
he was doing and ran over to hug my leg.
Said he was glad he got to work with me each day.
Me too, buddy. And together we gave thanks
that Faris works so hard so we can stay home together.

Thanks, myonetruelove

During music class this morning
Nolan wouldn’t stop doing somersaults
and jumping on the backs of other children’s mothers.
Thank goodness he didn’t show-off his new spitting skills.

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