Friday, October 21, 2011

Crossing Lines

There are times in your life
when you cross over imaginary lines
that you made up in your head.
(but probably you didn’t know you had
the made up line in your head until you crossed it.)
In my experience there is almost no going back.
It is happening to me right now.
I have time to type this because I’m
waiting for my brand spanking new glue gun
to heat up. I have to put the last touches
on the couture homemade Halloween costumes
for my two boys.
(wait until you see what Luke asked to be!)
But before I plugged in the glue gun,
I made treats for Luke’s preschool bake sale
tomorrow. They are cooling. I’ll slice them up
and individually package them with festive Halloween
ribbon when I’m done with my glue gun activity.
And I’ve got a chicken pot pie in the oven
while I wait for the glue gun to heat up and finish the
costumes. Oh, and my oldest boy has croup. So
probably we won’t be at his preschool Family Fun Day
but I signed up for a bake sale goodie and I don’t want
to be the mom others talk about…oh, she couldn’t manage
her bake sale treat because she had a sick child and
so we didn’t have enough treats for all the families…
can’t you see them now, flat iron hair, black sunglasses,
draped in Stella & Dot.

I think my glue gun is ready.

1 comment:

rachelredington said...

Was there a rubberband in your hair at the time?