Monday, August 29, 2011


1 earthquake
11 aftershocks
(11 at last count)
1 tornado warning
1 hurricane
30 or so hours without power
1 week of weather

a kind neighbor brought me
two cups of coffee yesterday morning
thanks to his french press.
one French press for christmas, please.

a driveway bbq with neighbors is a great
way to pass a powerless afternoon.

listening to your neighbors generators
when you don’t have one is unpleasant.
(i have it on good authority that won’t ever happen again)

neighbors with generators who kindly
charge cell phones and keep a few items
in their working refrigerators is sweet.
(helpful hint: if you go to sleep and a cell tower
goes down then your cell phone spends the
entire night searching for a signal which drains the
battery you brillantly charged before the storm.)

home alarms that beep at you ever so often
to let you know the power is out is
nothing short of annoying. i may have wanted
to rip it from the wall with my bare hands
last night and i may know a person who
just cut the wires it was so annoying.

little boys don’t seem to care if there
is power or not.
except in the middle of the night.

men working on down power lines at 2:30 in
the morning are super heroes.

and so we carry on.
welcoming a new week.
cleaning up down trees
and whatnot.

oh, and i have a few questions
for the amish people. i’d like
to know how they manage a
handful of things.

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