Monday, August 8, 2011

Keep Your [fill in the blank] on a Leash!

We had a wonderful day today.
Faris had the day off and we
went downtown and it was a
wonderful urban delight.

At 9:15pm I cannot seem to
rid my thoughts of
a moment between a mother
and son I witnessed.
Was it ironic?
Both probably.
Well maybe that depends on your perspective…

A mother with two boys.
The elder boy was free to roam.
The younger boy had the
faux monkey leash thingy.
You know, the monkey looking backpack
but really it is a leash for a child.
The child on the leash bent over and started
to walk on all fours and then sort of plopped
down. His mom gave him a small tug on the leash,
leaned down and told her son to get up because
he wasn’t a dog.

Do you get it?
I don’t think she did.
She told him not to act like a dog
but she had him on a leash like a dog.

Speaking of that monkey leash thing…
I am shocked, somewhat outraged, at how
many children I saw leashed up.

To be honest, I think that monkey leash
is not a reflection of a kid who may be poorly
behaved or unpredictable but rather a reflection of the parent.
And not a good reflection.

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rachelredington said...

I love you, Sarah Camille!