Wednesday, August 10, 2011

History, Sculpture, and a Sidewalk Café

Natural History Museum
Sculpture Garden
and a delightful little lunch*.
A very picture heavy post.
Enjoy or endure?!?
Keep reading for a little ditty
about a lunch moment.

*during our delightful little
lunch the mayor of our nation’s capital
came to our restaurant for something or other.

A little ditty…
Our lunch in the city was fabulous. Not too hot.
Super yummy food. My onetruelove across the table
and our darling boys between us. The hum of traffic…
of people on the go. It was sweet for me.

During our appetizer a woman with her twin boys,
just weeks older than Luke, sat down at the table next
to us. She decided we were best friends and just started
talking to us. Then she paused, left her kids at the table walked
down the street a bit to fetch books from her car for her boys to
read. She asked all kinds of questions. Including, where do you live.
Now pipe down lady and don’t ruin my urban buzz.
But she did. She didn’t know where we lived,
even though we both live in the same state,
and the look on her face while she tried to
imagine where we lived was rude.
She talked to us the entire time.
A lot about where we lived.
It annoyed me.
But as she stood to chase down her
kid who was halfway down the street
I noticed something.
She had on workout clothing.
No make-up and hair in a ponytail.
And I know she hadn’t been to the gym
because in all her talking she told me all about her day.
And so I may live out in the middleofnowhere
but at least I’ve still do my hair every morning
and put on make-up.
I guess it is a slippery slope to sweatpants
and a minivan no matter where you live.

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camille said...

You are the absolute greatest! I love you. I miss you. Please come south. soon. C