Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shhh, Nolan is Awake

My little Nolan is making sounds
from his crib but he needs at least
another hour of rest and since you
can hear almost everything from
his room I'm going to gift you
my random thoughts as I sit
still and make only keyboard noise...

I'm dreaming of BLT's
made with warm summer tomatoes.

Why do I get American Girl catalogues
and not Lego catalogues?

Why is my little one awake?
I have work to do.
Pipe down darling boy.

I think I need coffee.
Will he hear me if
I press brew?

Luke thinks I rock
the world because I
can do cartwheels so
basically I do cartwheels
on demand these days.
Round offs too.

Luke keeps talking about
his birthday and as a result
I'm thinking about it too.
Is it to early to start
planning a 4 year old's
late September birthday party?

He is going to be 4?
F O U R?
Let me count in my mind.
Hold on.
Let me count on my fingers.
Oh my.

Coffee, no thanks.
I might need a Cosmopolitan.

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