Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Plops & Chimicurri Sauce

Last night…er…
I mean early this morning,
Nolan, my seventeen month old son,
hurled himself out of his crib for the first time.
Hopefully the last.
(don’t laugh at my optimism)
He had to drop to the floor
but I found him with his head
wedged between the arm and seat
of the chair in his room.

What a rush of emotion
so early in the morning.
I wanted to scold him
and I wanted to laugh.
Scold because I never want it
to happen again and laugh
because…well…it is just the kind of
kid he is.

Dinner last night.
He adores chimichurri sauce
so very very very much that
he just went ahead and put his
face in it and sucked it up.
How very efficient of him
and then I smiled.
He is a head first kind of boy.

P.S. No harm to the little guy from the fall. He is just fine.

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